Maybe you have already heard about the exquisite phenomenon of the Budapest night and cultural life the ruin pubs. These establishements are known for their special eclectic designs that originates from socialist and 90s era of Hungary. Althought they are a great place for a brunch, afternoon coffee or a pint of beer they also host a number of cultural events. Local markets are held to introduce the downtown residents farmers and their products. Flea markets which show products and commodities just like the decor of these ruin pubs. Sometimes students from the hungarian capital’ universities and local schools perform plays of various kinds or small bands perform during the dark nights. If you are looking for cool ruin pubs in Budapest, you should start by exploring the downtown area of the city where you can find a bunch of them. The most famous is the first one called Szimpla, which is still the most popular both with the local folk and the tourists as well.

cool ruin pubs in budapest